How to Flirt With Your Ex After A Divorce to Win Them Back

Romance undoubtedly puts the spark into any relationship, and so what greater way to win your ex spouse back after a divorce than to bring some romance into the picture? You should know though, that romance does not just happen. It is an art and your weapon is your skill in flirting.

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Remember how your ex’s gaze would send shivers up your spine? Remember how a wayward touch could be so exciting, how a smile would cause your heart to beat so much faster than you could ever imagine? Those were results of skillful flirting and you have to believe that you still got it in you to cause such effect on another person, especially your ex spouse.

The best way to flirt with your ex spouse is to do it in person. Make an excuse to meet him or her in person, but meet your ex in a place that brings up exciting (maybe even naughty) memories. Schedule the meeting at a time when there are not a lot of people in the place you chose, and pick a cozy spot. Be friendly but not overly clingy. Remember that flirting is all about giving and pulling back—give some signs that you are still into your ex, and just when he or she thinks that you are still into them, pull back. This is guaranteed to drive your ex mad, and he or she will surely thirst for more.

Use Your Ex’s Love Language

People are said to love differently—some feel loved when you shower them with gifts, others feel loved when you verbally express your love for them. Others like it when they know you spent time with them, and others feel your love when you express it physically. Assess which love language your ex seems to adhere to, and use it to your flirting advantage. If your ex likes gifts, be sure to bring one in your date. If your ex likes compliments, be generous with them. Be clear that you do not care if you miss an important appointment when that means you can be with him or her or otherwise, dare to go physical.

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The Mechanics of The Sex

After a couple of dates, and especially if your ex’s love language involves the sense of touch, you should try to push your “relationship” towards romance in the bedroom. However, before the sex, you should always bring the “sexy” into the relationship. Strive to look and smell your best. Be comfortable with how you look and love yourself first. After all, nothing beats a confident partner. Start with a little bit of touching during your date. Draw on what you know of your ex even before the divorce and use this knowledge to physically flirt with him or her. Does your ex love a good massage? Offer to give him or her a backrub during your date. Is your ex protective of you? Hold his or her hand during the whole duration of the date.

Once both of you are comfortable, do not be afraid to go with the flow. Remember that you were once married to this person, and so there is no reason to feel awkward. Sure you went through a divorce, but your divorce never came with a condition that you cannot flirt with your ex. So go ahead, and enjoy the process of flirting and winning them back.

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