How to Get Your Ex Husband Back After A Divorce

Men are complicated beings—they do not put their feelings in the open, they deal with emotions differently than women, and it is very difficult to predict what they are thinking. This is even more so when they have just come from emotionally draining experiences, such as a divorce. In these instances, men can appear to be strong, but they are, for sure, feeling mostly vulnerable. As an ex wife, it is high time for you to think back prior to the divorce and reminisce the great memories you have with your ex husband. If after some reflection, you realize that he is still the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, allow yourself the humility to accept this as a fact, and then start the process of rebuilding things with your ex husband.

Sure, not everybody who wants to get their ex husbands back after a divorce would be successful, but you should not discount the fact that prior to the divorce, you loved your ex husband and he loved you back. For as long as you are completely sure that you want to renew things with him, and for as long as you are reaching out to him for no other reason but such, you just might be one of the lucky ones.

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Keep your emotions at bay…

Remember what was pointed out at the start of this article—a majority of men have difficulties expressing themselves. With this in mind, try not to be overly emotional the next time you see your ex husband. A hysterical ex wife will surely turn off any man, not because she appears crazed, but because he is not capable of dealing with her hysterics. Instead, appear calm and collected and try to look at things objectively. This is especially important to keep in mind when it was your ex husband who initiated the divorce, and therefore you would be absolutely tempted to blame and lash out at him. You need all the graciousness you can muster to refrain from doing this, and instead focus on the positive.

Remind him of why he loved you…

Man in love with his ex wife.Do an honest assessment with yourself—what has changed with you since the time you said “Yes” to your husband? Perhaps you have now disregarded yourself, your appearance and your sense of person in order to blend into his shadow. Perhaps you have lost yourself in the process of marriage. In these instances, the only way for you to rekindle your ex husband’s love for you, especially after a divorce, is to bring him back to a place where he clearly remembers the person whom he married. So get that much-needed makeover, build some confidence, boost your self-esteem and be the woman your ex-husband fell in love with.

Drop hints subtly…

The period after a divorce is tricky because both parties do not know the mechanics of moving on. Should you be preparing yourself for meeting other people, or should you allow yourself to wallow? Should you inform your ex husband that other people are interested in you as a matter of courtesy or should you just not care if he finds out from other people? In these instances, it is very important for you to drop hints to your ex husband that you are now ready to see him (again). It is only when you send out these feelers that he will realize that he still stands a chance with you.

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