How to Get Your Ex Wife Back After A Divorce

The most common question I get asked by men is “how do you get your ex wife back?” The funny thing about a divorce is that you seem to get a clean slate, and you cannot help but think about second chances, opportunities for rekindling romance with your ex wife, perhaps even undoing the divorce but this time, with a promise to do better on the marriage. If you have been nursing these thoughts, know that you need to act on these thoughts to make them a reality, and no, these thoughts are not crazy ideas. In fact, a lot of men have attempted to get back with their ex wives after their divorces, and yes, they have been successful. They were successful for a lot of reasons. Read on to find out what these reasons are.

  1. Ex wife that is turned on by ex husband.Objectively assess where your marriage failed…

There are concrete reasons why the divorce happened in the first place, and you need to be objective enough to recognize that these reasons exist. Whether it was your fault, or your ex wife’s fault, or both of your fault, you need to have a sense of acceptance. It is only through complete acceptance that you can now go into rebuild mode. Did your ex wife complain that you were not the same person she married? Perhaps it is time to get a grasp of your sense of self and resolve to maintain individuality while sharing a life together. Open up to your ex-wife only after you have found yourself back. Most likely, if you found your identity again, she will not hesitate to take you back.

  1. Flirt (or date) other women

Women, like men, are territorial in nature, so trust that when your ex wife gets a whiff of the news that you are now dating, she will surely do everything to remind the world that you were once hers. Flirt subtly, and try not to aggressively commit to another woman. If your ex wife communicates with you and brings back this topic, be wistful, and tell her that you are dating but that you seem to cannot find another person exactly like her.

  1. Embrace change and keep your promises

Once your ex wife agrees to see you again (or at least is open to becoming friends again), be very clear that you have or you intend to change for the better and keep to this promise. Surely, you would not want yet another divorce. Ask for forgiveness for all the things that you did wrong, and if she does the same, forgive her. Going out again after a divorce is borne out of an agreement, a mutual agreement to explore possibilities of getting back together. Put value on this and commit to not do the same mistakes that led to your divorce in the first place.

Remember, a majority of divorces are initiated by women, but women can change their minds quite often, too. If you are really keen to get back with your wife after a divorce, you should exert a lot of effort to make her feel like going out with you again is worth a shot. Do not blame her for the divorce. Instead, focus on the future, and be very clear that you want her in it, with you. Hold on to the special memories you built when you were still together, and treat the divorce as a necessary process that both of you had to undergo in order to make both of you appreciate each other more.

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