Get Your Ex Back After a Divorce Using Jealousy

So you have just survived a divorce and realized that all you wanted to do right now is to undo what has happened. You realized that actually, your ex is the person you want to spend your life with, and that the divorce was the biggest mistake you have ever made. Do not despair, for there are many ways you can do to attempt getting your ex back. One of these ways is the subtle art of making your ex jealous.

Instilling jealousy with your ex is a tricky thing—it needs a lot of restraint on your part not to go overboard but it also demands you to be brave enough to actually go and show your ex what he or she has been missing since the divorce.

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Show The World The Best Version of Yourself

The person who is in the best position to make his or her ex jealous is the person most confident in the many things that make him/her the best. Love yourself more, and the world will see your qualities. Nothing makes your ex more jealous of you than seeing you as a confident person — as if you have not been scarred by the divorce. Go and get fit through exercise, sports or participating in outdoor activities. Improve your skills, attitude and outlook in life. Soon, your ex will wonder why he or she chose to leave your life in the first place.

Fly Under The Radar So Your Ex Will Wonder How You Are

Remember the No Contact Rule? It is important that you make a conscious effort not to make yourself available for your ex, especially in the first month post divorce. The reason is so that you will create an air of mystery around you, enough for your ex to wonder how you are and also for his or her imagination to wander on what could have been had the divorce not happened.

Go Out and Embrace The World

Do not nurse your hang-ups on the divorce, instead, seek affirmation that even after that harrowing experience, you still possess the qualities that your ex loved about you. You can do this by not hesitating to go out with other people. If you move within the same circles as your ex, chances are he or she will soon hear from another person that you are already going out with people. It will then be natural for him or her to be jealous, as he or she might find it unfair that you can actually move on with your life when he or she clearly has not. This will prompt your ex to get in touch with you, and who knows, it just might be the start of a rekindling of feelings and relationships

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Believe In The Power of Social Media

If you feel like you are not ready to actually go out there and meet new people, then you do not have to. You just need to be more open in the different social media platforms out there. Do not be afraid to do some virtual flirting, for surely, once your ex sees that some loyal followers of the opposite sex are constantly communicating with you in Facebook or Twitter, your ex’s instinct will be to stand in between as if the divorce did not happen and you and your ex still belong to each other. Capitalize on this in order to get your ex back.

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