Getting Back With Your Ex After a Divorce: Signs to Look Out For

Have you been pining for that coveted text message, that return call, or that accidental meeting with you ex spouse? Are you getting worried that your ex spouse’s apparent lack of interest truly signals the end of years of marriage, therefore affirming what your divorce really stood for? Have you been receiving mixed messages from your ex and are confused on how to read these signals? If your answer is a resounding YES to all three questions, then you are in the right place. Read on and learn how about the signs that might lead you back to your ex after a divorce.

But first, a reality check…

Some relationships that end in divorce actually do end. You have to prepare yourself that even after all your efforts, you may not still get your ex back. However, you should also console yourself in the fact that there are numerous cases of ex spouses getting back together post divorce. These couples reported that their marriage is much stronger now because they have weathered the worst. They are also clear that they did not wait for their relationship to rekindle out of the blue. They worked very, very hard to reach out to their ex spouses, and worked hard some more to rebuild a relationship shaken by the process of divorce. If you are ready to roll your sleeves up and do some major work to save what is left of your relationship with your ex spouse, consider the following…

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  1. Your ex ignores you, but he or she talks about you to your common friends.

Of course you should assume that your ex got the memo that he or she is not supposed to contact you at least one month after your divorce. Just the same, your common friends reported that all he or she speaks about is you. When this is the case, interpret it as your ex not being over you yet. It is thus crucial to make it clear that you are thinking about your ex spouse, too. Reciprocate your ex’s signals with occasional messages bringing him or her back to special memories that you share. This way, your ex will nurture the hope that you are not over him or her, the same way he or she is not over you.

  1. Your ex is showing signs of jealousy.

Rejoice when your ex exhibits jealousy for this means that he or she still cares for you. You must remember that a divorce abruptly halts what both of you have been used to all your lives, that both of you belong to each other. Thus, it is expected that when you show interest with other people, or that other people have expressed interest in getting to know you better, your ex spouse will automatically be transported to those instances when you are his or hers. Capitalize on this by flirting back with your ex—perhaps maybe even teasing her or him with a sentence such as: “Maybe if you take me out for dinner, I would have a reason to say no to my supposed date.” Encourage your ex spouse to tell you the reason of his or her jealousy, and you will soon find out that it makes you feel so much more treasured.

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