Moving On After A Divorce

Moving on after a divorce is probably the most harrowing, yet intensely liberating experience you will ever undergo in your life. The fact is, it is a huge change that you need to accept, and the time to start the process of acceptance is NOW. However, to accept this particular change is something that is not easy to do, but with the support of your friends, and the guidance of the following tips, you should be on your way to a new life and a new you.

Forgive Yourself And Accept That He/She Is Not Coming Back

A lot of divorcees secretly loathe themselves for going through the divorce. Even if the fault clearly lies with the other party, one cannot help but hate themselves for running out of patience on the relationship. Perhaps you feel that you deserve the divorce because you are not strong enough to make the relationship last. Well, you may have some faults of your own, but clearly divorces are results of mutual decisions. It is not only your fault—it is a result of several factors that have been threatening to break your marriage apart. Accept that not all couples are compatible, divorce may be the end-all of some relationships, and that your ex is not coming back.

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Invest & Love Yourself More

Moving on after a divorce is painful, destructive, and time-consuming. You need to distract yourself with things that you love to do in order to jumpstart your healing process. Perhaps you may want to start a new (and intriguing) exercise routine. Exercise not only leaves your body in good shape, it is also proven to make you happy by releasing “happy hormones” called serotonin and dopamine. Look good to feel good, get a make-over or perhaps do a closet overhaul. Explore a new hobby. All these can while away your time, keep your mind off the moping stage, and are actually beneficial.

See Your Friends

You do not have to be alone to cope with a break-up; you can actually share your misery with friends. The real ones understand what you are going through without needing to tell them all. Of course eventually you may want to do tell all eventually, and that is healthy for you too, but for now, go ahead give them a call. Spend some time with your friends, and you will soon find out that your state is actually not as miserable as you think it is. Friends are fun to be with—allow yourself to have a little bit of fun.

Acknowledge That You Made The Right Decision

Your ex may be the last person in the world that you want to call right now, but it is important to acknowledge that you have made the right decision. Send a message to say that while the process is nothing but difficult, it was necessary. This symbolizes an acceptance on your part, and will surely speed up your healing process. It will also give you your much-needed closure.

True, moving on after a divorce is not easy—but it is not impossible. Like actual divorces, moving on is also a process. Allow yourself to undergo this process and one day you will wake up fresh, happy, and ready for the next chapter of your life.


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