Prevent Divorce By Keeping Your Partner Interested

The truth is that nobody wants a divorce. The latter is the black hole that sucks the spirit out of love, a miserable ending to what could have been a glorious love affair. True, some relationships are destined to end, but you should always keep in mind that relationships need more than love. You need to build up on the love that you share with your partner, in order to preserve that love and prevent divorce from happening. You need to pour some effort into maintaining the relationship.

Keep the fires of romance burning…

Romantic couple with a bicycle.You may have noticed that when your relationship was new, you cannot keep your hands off each other. As time passes and marriage and kids happened however, you may have found yourself a bit distant from your partner in the romance department. Perhaps you now find romance a bit silly, considering that you live with your partner anyway. But romance is key to keeping divorce out your door. Go on date nights, and treat your partner to a romantic dinner. Light up some candles and open a nice bottle of wine. Go on a trip together, just the two of you, and rediscover the many reasons why you have fallen in love with your partner. If you are a busy person, make time. Schedule these romantic dates if you must. Romance is what brought you two together, so it should always be present in your lives.

Be together, but have separate lives…

There is a common misconception that once married, couples should disregard individual privacy. This thinking is completely skewed, and a lot of cases of divorce has happened because couples have “lost themselves” in the marriage. One you demand to know every single social media password your partner has and once you demand to read every single text message your partner receives on his mobile, you are in effect demanding an explanation for every single action he may do in these platforms. He or she may feel like they owe you an explanation for a meaningless comment they have left on a colleague’s Facebook wall, even if it was only meant as a joke. You will be driving your spouse up the wall, and your spouse will be feeling suffocated. All of these will build up until both of you cannot take it anymore—your spouse feeling like you do not trust him or her and you feeling like your partner cannot be trusted—and you might soon find yourselves filing for divorce.

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The better way is to take things easy—being open is good, but also recognize that you have lives to lead. You can have your own set of friends, and so can he. Trust your partner and this person’s love for you and you will soon find out that your trust will be rewarded with more love. There is nothing more attractive than a person who is confident and not at all paranoid.

It is all about give and take

Sometimes divorce happens because people expect their partners to be perfect, even when they themselves are not. A lot of people fault their partners for many things, and their partners also fault them for equally as much. You should always realize that there should be a system of give and take in relationships. You cannot expect your partner to do all the chores, you have to pitch in too. The most successful relationships are built on tolerance. On the other hand, relationships that end on divorce are usually those where people have put an image of their partners in a preconceived “box” and are bitterly disappointed when they cannot make their partners fit into that image.


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