Text Messaging Post Divorce: Texts Your Ex Will Actually Reply To

So you may have had a rough time with your divorce, and an even harder time coping with the post divorce blues. Perhaps you may be feeling low, and would genuinely wish to see how your ex is doing. Perhaps you want to nurture any remaining hope of you getting together with him or her. Do not despair! There are various ways to rekindle that flame, but you have to heed our advice if you want to be successful in your attempts.

One of the most powerful modes of communication that you can try is the humble text messaging. Texting is wonderful because it is easy to do, it is non-committal and yet it may spark recollections of the good old days. Before you even whip out your phone however, take note of the No Contact Strategy. You must not communicate with your ex at least 30 days after your divorce. This builds up on your ex a feeling of wanting to see you again, which you should then capitalize with a carefree (but well thought out) text message.

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A Reminder of The Good Times

“Hey. Today I went to the beach and saw the most beautiful sunset I have seen. I had an ice-cold can of soda in my hand. Perfect day, it was. Hope you had a great day, too!”

The best kind of text message to send to your ex after a divorce is one that will bring him or her back to moments he or she had with you that were worth cherishing. As shown above, your first text message should sound positive, with no hint whatsoever of the bitterness caused by the divorce, and should instead focus on telling your ex that despite everything that happened, you will also value those special moments with him/her—which in the case above, meant sunsets and Coca-Cola. Avoid sounding soppy, and if your ex replies to your text message, never bring up the drama. Focus on sounding positive and maintain this aura on your succeeding text messages.

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Making Your Ex Feel Good

“Hi. I am sick today and I just remembered the time when I got horribly sick and you practically carried me from the end of the street to the house and took care of me for one week straight. I realized I never got to say Thank You…so, thank you. Take care.”

The next type of text messages you should send to your ex after a divorce, are ones that reminds him or her of a memory and makes your ex feel good after. This is very important because surely, your ex is blaming himself or herself too for letting the divorce happen. Your ex needs a booster, and this he/she can get from you acknowledging the contributions your ex had made in your life. Do not be afraid to remind him or her of how good he/she was to you; these moments were true anyway. Expect that your ex will reply to thank you.

Remember to keep on moving forward—meaning, you should not use this opportunity to look back at the divorce and start a game of blame. Instead, be gracious, acknowledge that the divorce happened, but try to rebuild by getting to know your ex for the person that he/she is now, not what he/she was before. Reference good memories from the past, and leave the nasty ones behind.

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